Conclusions from Citizens 4 Change Community Connect meeting on 2nd October.

Citizens 4 Change widening the circle of care around East African children

Communicating complexity simply — an iterative design process

Sept 20

Earlier this month Citizens 4 Change sought feedback from child protectors about a series of SMS messages that we plan to send out that aim to build their understanding about child development.

We have taken the feedback into account and have also followed the advice of our data analysts. They recommended that we craft surveys so that numerical or categorical responses are sought, better enabling the aggregation of responses so we can understand the wisdom of the crowd.

So… Version 2 of our “safeguarding” and “child development basics” SMS surveys now take the following form. The intent is to use…

Building a circle of care around children in East Africa

Seeking your feedback on the design of 5 SMS messages that seek to cover the fundamentals of what children need at different stages of the life-course.

Citizens 4 Change are growing the circle of care around East African children. We use SMS messages to inform, survey, mobilise & learn from child protectors.

Members are citizens who want to protect children, professionals working in the sector, and young people who want to keep themselves and their peers safe. They are united in their desire to do the right thing by children.

The aim of this set of SMS messages is to


Insights from a virtual world cafe.

In early 2020 I facilitated a listening exercise with people who are trying to do the right thing in Tanzania, hoping to learn about their perspectives on the preconditions for inclusive development.

I recently saturated those initial insights with a larger conversation that included more voices and perspectives. Using a virtual world cafe format we had a generative conversation about this thing we call “inclusive development”;

What is it?

What is Tanzania’s development challenge?

What mechanisms foster it? and

What practical action can we take to nurture inclusive development in Tanzania?

What follows are the dilemmas, quandaries and tribulations that…

Insights from C4C Community Connect — 8th August

Kate McAlpine’s PhD explored the worldview of Tanzanians who protect children.
She discovered that child protectors are primarily motivated by compassion and a moral responsibility to do the right thing. They do not always have the skills, knowledge or social networks to advance children’s best interests and are required to improvise as they protect children.
Many child protectors face social stigma; becoming the victims of gossip or accusations that they are interfering in others’ business. Consequently, they may feel isolated.

Citizens 4 Change tests Dr McAlpine’s theory about how we can protect more children better.

We hypothesise that there are…

As part of establishing Citizens 4 Change (a community of East African citizens who protect children from harm) I have worked with my team to develop a hybrid tech platform that uses off the shelf apps to enable us to learn from the wisdom of the crowd. Having built a minimum viable product (more about its functionality here) this post reflects on what I wish I had known before & considers what I will do moving forward.

The tech’s potential lies in its ability to

Use SMS messaging to listen to a big and diverse crowd of citizens who protect…

A network of connection & solidarity

July 2019.

Hope and Homes for Children contracted ConnectGo & Citizens 4 Change to develop and pilot mobile and face-to-face technology that may enhance the effectiveness of community-based child protection mechanisms that are being supported by Child’s i Foundation.

On a visit to Uganda we learnt about the child protection volunteers’ and staff’s personal motivation; and thus opportunities for the ConnectGo tech to incentivise individuals’ continued engagement and effectiveness. We explored the “why” and “how” of Childs I Foundation and their community development networks. …

What is the tech that Citizens 4 Change uses to map, track, communicate with, & mobilise citizens who want to do the right thing?

A hybrid platform using off the shelf apps.

We have developed a hybrid system that uses Filemaker, Tableau & Africa’s Talking applications.

The core is the Filemaker database, where we store all contacts with their demographic details; & their survey records.

Become a Citizen 4 Change

Citizens 4 Change is a community of citizens in East Africa building safe and inclusive societies for children and young people.

Violence and maltreatment of children costs East Africa over $20 billion every year and inhibits the region’s aspirations to develop inclusively.
63% of East African are under 24 years, and of those 68% are under the age of 14. The future of the Continent lies in young people maximising their potential but 73.5 million of them report experiencing physical violence and 26.5 million report experiencing sexual violence (Ministry of Gender Labour & Social Development, 2015; Rwanda Ministry of Health, 2017; UNICEF., 2011, 2012).

Violence and maltreatment of children has a global annual economic impact of $7 trillion (Pereznieto et al…

Kate McAlpine

Researcher & social entrepreneur resolving the collective action problem of violence in East Africa

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